3 1/2 Best Ways To Build Lean Golf Muscles

I don’t know why I flashed back on this in the shower this morning, but I remember sitting next to Ryan (our Co-Founder and guy behind the guy) on the plane to the PGA Show in Orlando two years ago when this monster of a man walked on.  He wasn’t that tall, but he was big and bulky like a young Arnold. 

Ryan leaned over and asked me, “That dude has to be on steroids, right?”  With 99.9% certainty, I said, “absolutely.” 

One of the concerns I hear from golfers all the time is, “I want to get strong, but I don’t want to get bulky.”  Spoiler Alert: It ain’t gonna happen.  Unless you are specifically training like a bodybuilder, bulk doesn’t happen.   

Our goal as golfers is to build strong, lean muscle.  Those are the muscles that are going to help us move faster, burn more calories, and increase our mobility.  By the way, there are not “golf muscles.”  There are just muscles.  We just happen to use a lot of them in golf.  

Now, when it comes to building muscle, there are four things that come into play: 





Some people just have the natural ability to gain muscle faster than others.  Take a look at an NFL locker room…those dudes obviously work hard, but they’re dealing with different genes than me and you. 

Since we cannot control genetics (yet:), you and I have to focus on what we can control – diet, exercise and rest. 

Our diet helps to control the nutrients your body has to work with while healing (which leads to growth) and maintaining muscles.  I stick to mostly eating meat and veggies.  That works for me. 

Exercising exerts trauma and damage on our muscles – in a good way.  When we damage our muscles, our bodies have a natural ability to restore and strengthen the fibers to protect themselves from the next time.  Also sounds a lot like injury-prevention to me. 

Rest is simple.  If we don’t give our bodies enough time to recover, we’re just working out already-damaged muscle tissue.  You’ll notice that the mapped-out training programs in the 18STRONG Membership all have rest built in to not only the workouts, but the days on your training calendar. 

So that’s the tri-fecta of building lean muscle that helps us play our best golf, look good at the beach, and really just feel great walking around every day. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro  

PS – Speaking of building lean muscle the right way, the 18STRONG Membership is an app that houses all of our training programs.  Like a karate, you can start with the Activate program (white belt), then keep working your way towards your black belt. 

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