18STRONG is an idea.  A lifestyle.  A movement.  

We want to be our best on the course, in the gym and in life…without taking ourselves too seriously. 

You’ll always have a great time sharing some cold suds with guys and gals who are “18STRONG”.

Our Mission:

We believe that one platform can bring world-class golf fitness training to golfers around the world.

Golfers aren’t stupid.  We know we play better and shoot lower scores when we’re in better shape.  The problems for golfers such as yourself, who are trying to push your fitness and game to the next level, are hiding in plain sight, BUT you’ve probably never realized what they are. 

Here’s the problem… 

You can either choose one of the mass market, at-home fitness programs like P90X or Daily Burn and wonder if the exercises are helping – more importantly not hurting, or you can find a reputable, one-on-one golf fitness professional (but only if you have very few commitments on your time and want to spend the money – it’s expensive!).  Since you’re the last one to the party, you’ll have to work around the schedule of every client your trainer has and hope that it’s convenient.  You’ll soon learn that you’re paying for sessions you can’t make.  That’s a huge issue for golfers like you because up until now, those are the only two options you’ve ever had.

But what about YouTube?  Well…not really.  Don’t get us wrong, YouTube is awesome and can be extremely helpful – shoot, we have 300+ videos on our YouTube channel and over 280,000 views.  But as a real “training platform”, it’s got more holes than swiss cheese, and in a lot of cases, can do more harm than good.  

Ever felt like you didn’t know what to work on next?  Felt overwhelmed?  Jumped between videos looking for that next “miracle cure”?  Felt totally lost in a sea of information?… Well, we’ve all experienced it with you.  

That is why we created 18STRONG.  We have created a new type of training platform that gives “regular” golfers like us (yep – we’re just like you!), access to world-class trainers, coaches and programs wherever we want to use it.  If you’re not a pro, want to train on your own schedule, have family and other commitments…does that mean you shouldn’t have access to top-notch golf fitness training – HELL NO!

For golfers like you, this is a completely new opportunity.  Simply put, it’s world-class golf training without restrictions!

Our Quick Story

18STRONG started up in 2014 and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

Jeff and Ryan are cousins, friends who grew up together, got in a decent amount of trouble together, played a lot of golf together and are now co-founders of 18STRONG.

For years leading up to 2015, Jeff ran his golf fitness training gym, Ryan ran his online marketing agency, and they often talked shop over a shared love of things that are awesome – golf being one of those things.

After years of staring opportunity in the face and not recognizing it, Jeff had a moment of clarity and made a fateful telephone call to Ryan.

The transcripts of the exact conversation were lost years ago, but this is close:

Jeff: Hey Ryno, we are so stupid…
Ryan: Sure, but can you be more specific?…
Jeff: You know how you’re good at online stuff and I’m good at training golfers?…
Ryan: I’d like to think to so…
Jeff: Why don’t we do something together and use the Internet to help golfers get into better shape and play better golf?…
Ryan: Holy cow!  You’re right!  If we get the word out there, we can help a ton of people…
Jeff: See. We are so dumb.  What were we thinking?
Ryan: Yup, we are very dumb…

…And 18STRONG was born!


Co-Founders of 18STRONG, cousins, accomplices and lifelong friends (L to R) – Ryan McMullen and Jeff Pelizzaro at Old Warson C.C. in St. Louis, MO

I'm Jeff Pelizzaro

For a guy who has devoted his professional life and a lot of his social life to golf, it’s seems odd that growing up nobody in our giant family really played golf – we sure played everything else!

Until I started working with golfers in the gym over a decade ago, I just used golf as an excuse to have a few laughs, knock back some suds and enjoy the comraderie of family and friends (that part hasn’t really changed, I just keep score now).  I certainly never treated it like a competitive sport or thought about working to get better.

Oh, how the tide has shifted.

Once I got to know and play with some of my clients and experienced how much fun it is to be competitive, feel myself improve and achieve goals all under the umbrella of a great time, I was totally hooked.

I lasted about one second around golfers before I became one.

I’m pretty darn lucky these days – I get to train golfers, get to talk about golf with some really cool people, get to play some great courses, and get to collaborate with some of the best coaches and trainers in the world…

…And now, we have this great online platform to help train even more golfers!

So, that’s a little about me, but if you just want the nuts and bolts of why you may want to trust me to help you, here’s the nerdy, resume stuff:

Jeff Pelizzaro, MPT

  • Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Golf Digest 50 Best Fitness Professionals
  • Titleist Performance Institute – Level II Fitness Instructor
  • Plane Truth Golf – Level 1 Certified Instructor
  • Best-Selling Author of The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout
  • Continuing education certifications including FRC, SFMA, FMS, DNS Golf
  • Featured on ESPN Radio, The Missouri Golf Post, Fit To The Tee, MyGolfInstructor.com, Various Podcasts, Golf Strategy School and more

I'm Ryan McMullen (the guy behind the guy)

Jeff is, of course, the pretty face you regularly see in front of the camera, but somebody has to do the dirty work behind the scenes.  

I’ve always loved sports.  We played everything growing up, both competitively and in the backyard, and I’ve been lucky enough to continue to play a lot of golf and soccer as the years keep rolling.

I really didn’t start playing golf until I was well into my 30s, but now that they sucked me in, I’m totally hooked.

The best part about starting a golf company is that Jeff and I conduct a lot of “research” on the course.

There’s not much I love more than getting emails and talking to our 18STRONG golfers about how we’ve helped them get better in some way. 

We used to talk about how, “If we could help just one golfer…”  Well, that’s stupid.  With technology and Jeff’s knowledge, we can help tens of thousands of golfers.  And that’s just what we plan on doing.

Since Jeff got to puff up his chest with his experience, here are a few things I’ve done that are sure to impress you::

  • Revolutions Started
  • Assassinations Plotted
  • Governments Run
  • Uprisings Quelled
  • Crime Organized
  • Tigers Tamed
  • Bars Emptied
  • Vacancies Filled
  • Casual Heroics
  • Consulting


A Family Affair

Jeff’s Mom and Ryan’s Mom are sisters from a family with 11 siblings.  They now have 40+ cousins…just on that side.

Black Gold

As kids, Ryan and Jeff watched The Beverly Hillbillies, which led to Jeff’s lifelong nickname “Bodine”…as in Jethro “Bodine” Clampett.


Ryan has hit more clubhouses with errant shots than he has aces.
Clubhouses – 2
Holes-In-One – 0

Haven't Yet Peaked

Jeff played college soccer at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO, but will be the first to tell you he’s in better shape now.

Born And Raised

Both Jeff and Ryan were born and raised in St. Louis, MO…and other than college, have lived there for their entire lives.  


Hey Jeff, I just wanted to share that I achieved 2 lifelong goals yesterday…I shot under par for the first time, and also shot sub 70 for the first time too!!

I’ve been following the Golf Body Blueprint for 3 weeks so far, and I have noticed significant changes to my speed and stability. My club head speed has increased by 5-10mph, and I feel much stronger in my legs, core & hips.

Andrew N.

Melbourne, Australia

It has made a huge difference in my game and fitness level. Dropped to 15% Body Fat from 18.5%.

Average drive jumped to 253 from 227 with longest drive of 287 from prev high of 258: sleeping better and just plain feel better overall.”

David M.

Sacramento, CA - USA

I have a long way to go, but for the first time in a decade I know I’m going to get there. The lower back pain that hampered my golf game for as long as I can remember, is gone. It’s different than all the other plans I’ve tried. It’s different because it works! 
Forget golf, forget working out…my daily life is better because I’m pain free due to my increased mobility.”

Brian D.

St. Louis, MO - USA

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Access amazing, in-depth golf fitness training programs including video instruction, workout calendars, tracking sheets and more… 

A One-On-One Experience.

Learn from the best trainers and coaches in the world.  Our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way.  

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