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Expert Instruction For Golfers Who Want To Get Into Better Shape And Play Better Golf...
Golf Fitness Instruction
Access to 5-Star workouts, exercises and warm-ups created by some of the best golf fitness coaches in the world.
The 18STRONG Podcast
The top golf fitness podcast dedicated to bringing you experts who train, coach and work with golfers of all abilities.
Instructional Products 
Online products for the serious golfer, created and backed by decades of experience and success with golfers.
Our 8-week online training course expertly designed to get you into shape to look great, feel great and play your best golf. 
With all of the confusing and very often conflicting information about golf fitness online, on TV and in magazines we decided that golfers needed a trusted source to cut through all of the clutter and have a place to listen to the very best trainers and coaches in the world talk about what is working with their golfers.   
Golf fitness instruction can be very visual, so we have created hundreds of videos with tips, drills and exercises featuring some of the world's best instructors and coaches available for free.
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