3 Golf reasons to PULL stuff

It’s finally a sunny morning here in St. Louis, so I’m extra excited to talk golf and fitness today. 

If you’ve been paying attention this week, we’ve been focusing on our (golfers) BIG 5 movements – the five categories that we need to hit with our workouts:  

Squat, Push, Pull, Rotate and Hinge. 

Monday and Tuesday we covered the first two, so today… 


And here’s why doing some form of a pull is so important to us golfers: 

Improved Swing Power and Distance: Pull exercises, such as rows or pull-ups, target the muscles in the upper back, arms, and core, which are key players in the golf swing. Strengthening these muscles can help generate more power and distance. 

Enhanced Posture and Stability: Regular pull exercises can help improve posture by strengthening the back and core muscles, which are crucial for maintaining balance and stability during your swing. Which leads to more consistent and accurate shots. 

Injury-Prevention: We often have muscular imbalances due to the unilateral nature of the golf, which can lead to injuries. Pull exercises can help counteract this by strengthening the opposing muscles. For every push exercise you do, you need to pull to counteract it and even yourself out. 

Now, you may be seeing a general theme this week… 

A lot of improved power and distance… 

A lot of better balance… 

A lot of injury-prevention… 

I didn’t come up with the BIG 5.  

I’m just the messenger of how great this “formula” works. 

Now, if you’re just getting started you may not be ready for pull-ups yet, so I would focus on doing rows either with dumbbells, a band, or a machine if you’ve got access. 

And don’t forget to do your push exercise as well.  

We don’t want you all uneven like Quasimodo. 



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