A 1958 Corvette ain’t got nuthin’ on our power.

Last night, I was watching an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon.

They were driving a turquoise, ’58 convertible Corvette – beautiful car.

As they were showing Jerry make a turn, I noticed that the steering wheel was cracked in a million pieces like the ground of a dry desert.

Obviously, 60 years of getting beat on in the sun had taken its toll.

Unfortunately, the car enthusiasts love “all original”, so there’s no fixing or replacing it while still maintaining its factory-fresh allure.

Now, our fascial system in our bodies – the giant, elastic rubber band that runs through our bodies often has that same problem.

(the one we use to generate massive power and distance)

FORTUNATELY for us, we can resurrect it and get it back to our younger years.


You ever see an old, dry-rotted rubber band in the junk drawer? (Yeah, right next to the pile of tees you’ve forgotten to take out of your pocket the last ten years:)

So, the rubber band is totally dried out. And looks like if you stretched it, it would immediately snap.

But, there’s a part of you that thinks you could probably bring it back to life.

If you had some oil or liquid, kinda like bringing an old baseball mitt back to life.

I Googled it, and wintergreen oil brings rubber back to life (didn’t know wintergreen oil was a thing).

The point is, we can reclaim its elasticity.

And thankfully, the same holds true for us crazy golfers.

Inside our bodies is a giant, elastic spider web that stores and releases energy.

Now, as we get older, that system gets a little “dry-rot”, but we now know that we can use specific movements to not only reclaim our elasticity, but improve it.

Oh, and speaking of (what a perfect transition), you can start reclaiming your elasticity and adding distance today with Hyper-Elastic Distance.

Who knows where you’ll be in the next five days? 5 yards farther? 10 yards? 20 yards?

The more yards, the merrier.

See you on the inside.


PS – The bonus for Hyper-Elastic Distance closes on Sunday…so, act accordingly.

You can check it out here.