And Fluff goes down on the third!

Not sure if you picked up on the story yet, but yesterday Fluff was caddying for C.T. Pan when he slipped and injured himself enough that he couldn’t finish. 

So, a jolly fella came out of the crowd and caddied a few holes for Pan while they waited for the relief caddie. 

It’s a pretty nice little story. 

And something we all would love to try. 

Now, it was wet out and I think Fluff just took a weird step and slipped (haven’t heard any update yet). 

So, it’s probably just one of those freaky things you can’t avoid. 

Most injuries, on the other hand? 

I know can be avoided. 

Or, at the very least, we can significantly reduce the risk.   

I get asked this quite a bit, “Jeff, what is the best way to stay injury-free?”, my answer is always the same… 


Again, nothing is going to keep you 100% safe, but getting stronger is kinda like wearing a seatbelt. 

Accidents are going to happen, but strength drastically reduces the risk and severity of injuries.  

Whether it’s your shoulders. 



Or other joints – we’ve got to build up the muscle around them to tuck them under that cozy blanket of safety. 

Do something to get stronger today.  

And help yourself stay on the course for a very long time.  



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