Backswing and Follow-Through Drills

Everyday active people only need a normal range or motion to function safely at a high level – golfers aren’t normal.

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Good Backswing = Good Downswing = A Repeatable Swing

There are many components to a golf swing, so how important is the backswing?  Very.

Your backswing sets up your downswing which determines how consistently you impact the ball.  If you have poor range of motion on your backswing, you’re constantly going to be correcting on the way down which spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Lift up and get too vertical and you’ll be coming over the top.  Get your hands too far outside and you’re going to be cutting across the ball.

Without proper range of motion when you start your backswing, you’ll never find your repeatable impact position – and that’s what it’s all about.

It’s science

According to two separate studies in the UK and Germany, golfers who were able to consistently replicate their backswing “perfected” the rest of their golf swing TWICE AS QUICKLY as those who couldn’t.

In other words, guys smarter than you and me are telling us that generating a consistent backswing will allow you to learn new skills and techniques, and adapt to other inconsistencies much faster…and that’s good.

Don’t try this on the course

Now that scientists have proven how important the backswing is, how do we improve it?  As luck would have it, in the video above, I demonstrate a great drill I recently learned to do either before your swing or following your workout.

But please, this is just a drill.  Do NOT try and hit a golf ball on the course using the same movement unless you’re trying to set the record for worst round ever – once you click below you’ll know exactly what I mean.

What about the follow-through?

Now that you’ve got a great backswing setting up your downswing and you’re repeating your impact position, you need to get your body out of the way so the club has a path to slow down naturally.

At the end of the same video, I’m going to show you a similar drill that will do just that.