Betcha can’t do just one

One of the favorite things I get to do at 18STRONG is read emails of success stories from golfers like you. 

Hint, Hint. 

Anyway, I got an email about the success a client is having strengthening his entire body. 

Instead of forcing himself to train harder with the “more, more, more” mentality, he gives himself a simple daily goal that naturally expands into something bigger. 

Her’s what I mean: instead of trying to set a new personal record every day, he sets a minimum goal to do 25 squats per day. 

Easy right? 

But it’s no joke.  

A “minimum goal” is a get-started-now-with-no-excuses goal. 

You can’t spew out the “I don’t have time” BS when you can accomplish your goal in 60 seconds. 

So, you bust out a set of squats.  

And you think you’re finished.  

But something magical happens AFTER the set.  

Your brain releases neurotransmitters that make you want to do another set, and another, and another. 

So, the minimum goal of 25 turns into sets that add up to 100+ reps or more. 

As for the guy I mentioned – he’s been doing 200+ squats most days. 

But it gets even better… 

One day he noticed that his strength went up on other exercises.  

Even though he hadn’t worked on reverse-pushups, he discovered he could do 15 reps. 

How could that be? 

To quote Herb Brooks (1980 USA Gold-Winning Hockey Coach), “The legs feed the wolf.” 


The legs feed the wolf. 

That is why all the programs you find in the 18STRONG Membership have a steady dose of leg exercises. 

If our programs aren’t for you, and you do go off script, be sure to set a minimum goal for your squats.  

Even a super simple goal of doing ONE repetition is enough to get some people going.  

And once you’re in motion, it’s harder to stop than you might think. 

You can join us by starting your 7-day free 18STRONG Membership trial today. 



PS – You know that scene in the movie Miracle when Herb Brooks has the boys do a vomit-inducing number of shuttles by repeating, “Again.” 

We don’t have to do that. 

We’re not heading to the Olympics, so keep it simple with the programs in the 18STRONG Membership