Cart path only

Welcome to Mandatory Golf Friday! Yesterday, a monsoon blew through St. Louis. And with it, a lot of rain. So of course, it was cart path only this morning. We always walk anyway, but the rule was really taken to heart by one of the golfers in the group in front of us who had a pull cart. I kid you not, his pull cart never left the cart path! Yes, he took the “cart path only” rule literally for any cart. That was a first. Speaking of walking nine holes… It counts as a workout.  Sure, it’s casual. Not too stressful. Not too taxing. BUT, it’s a great workout. And that is where I see a lot of golfers go wrong.  We think we need to set the land speed record for whipping ourselves into shape.  HUGE mistake!   And I get it.  It’s kind of a form of FOMO.  We know that everything is better and more fun when we’re in shape.  Our clothes fit better.  We feel better.  We look better.  Our confidence is better. So, of course we want to get to that feeling as soon as we can.  Unfortunately, that ain’t how this works. I know you don’t wanna hear that, but it’s what all the other BS trainers are afraid to tell you – a quick fix is a much easier sell than “change your lifestyle.” If getting into shape were a quick fix, you wouldn’t be here right now.  And if you want someone to blow smoke where the sun don’t shine.  And tell you it’s easy… I’m not your guy. But if you want to take the FIRST STEP to a fit lifestyle that lasts for as long as you and me…then change your mindset. No quick fixes.  No miracle cures.  No shiny new gadgets. Get your butt moving every day.  And eat well.  Now, as a fitness professional, I’d be bad at my job if I didn’t hype you up a little, right? Here’s the best part: You don’t have to be perfect!  Just do the right things 80-90% of the time.  I know beer isn’t great for me.  But I love having a few cold beers with buddies.  That’s not a problem. Now, when I start behaving like I did in college and hitting happy hour most nights.  It’s a problem. Just be smart.  Ask questions.  And you’ve got this. STAY STRONG, Jeff PS – If you’re a member of the 18STRONG Membership and haven’t taken advantage yet…there is a messaging feature built-in so you can ask questions directly from your smart telephone. And, if for reasons that cannot be explained even by scholars, you’re not investing 66 cents per day on your long-term fitness in the 18STRONG Membership – join us today. Will the membership change your life?  It sure could…if you let it!