Don’t be fooled by fitness claims

Not only is it the holiday season, but also the “exaggerated, misleading, and scientifically unfounded exercise program claims” season.

Lately, I’ve been hearing the same cringy ad on the radio for a local weight loss clinic, so I checked out their website this morning.

In the FAQs section, this was top of the list:Oh, good lord!

Technically, that is true.

Now, technically I don’t have to wash my hands after visiting the lavatory.

Technically.But, I sure do it!

Bear in mind, this program is for the general public looking to lose weight.

Not those with medical conditions, physical limitations, etc.

So, while we’re strategizing for 2024, here’s a list I’ve compiled of red flags that should send you running the opposite direction.

Rapid Weight Loss Guarantees – Claims promising extremely fat weight loss like “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!” are unrealistic and very unhealthy.Spot Reduction Claims – Programs that claim to target fat loss in specific areas like “Get 6-pack abs in two weeks!” are total BS. Some people lose fat in their face first. Some in their belly. Some in their butt.Exaggerated Results with Minimal Effort – See above.Over-Emphasis on Supplements – Programs that claim supplements are essential for success are misleading. Supplements do just that – “supplement” – diet and exercise. I highly encourage a number of supplements, but they do not replace a good diet and exercise.Before and After Photos – Those pics represent a tiny percentage of people who have used the program. And more often than not, are very temporary results.No Need for Diet Changes – Programs claiming exercise alone, without dietary changes, can lead to significant weight loss are false. Remember: abs are made in the kitchen.Of course, we prefer you stick with 18STRONG programs.

BUT, we also understand that not one size fits all.

And you may have different goals.

Please approach any fitness program with a critical eye, especially when you hear something that sounds too good to be true…because it is.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires consistency over time.

That will never change.


PS – If you didn’t get a chance to let us know what your #1 fitness goal is for 2024, please do.
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