“Ego-Booster” Missiles

Welcome to a beauty of a Saturday afternoon.

Since we released Hyper-Elastic Distance yesterday, I’ve been compiling a list of the reasons us ego-maniac golfers can’t get enough distance.

Of course, it makes golf easier. Shorter approaches equals better scoring chances.

BUT, there are two concepts I think supersede our logical brains. And I’ve even come up with names:

1. “Impress the Crowd” Syndrome: Even if the crowd is just one guy on the green next to your tee box, the golf course has become a grand stage. Our goal? Show what Alphas we are with Herculean drives.

The belief? A monstrous drive is directly proportional to the number of admiring glances from the fairer sex. And complimentary suds from the betas.

2. “Ego-Booster” Missile: We that outdriving our buddies is the secret to asserting our dominance and becoming the Alpha of the group. It’s barely a step away from beating on our chests.

The longer the drive, the more dominance.

Now, if you show me a golfer who can’t relate to either of those things…

I’ll show you a liar:)

In our Hyper-Elastic Distance training, we chuckle because we know it’s all true. We know we’re illogical. We’re friggin’ golfers.

All week, I’ve been giving you the logical answers to distance – hyper-elasticity.

Today, who cares about logic?

I want to out-drive everyone in my group by 20 yards so I can talk s*** for the next 20 years.

So, let’s get to it.

Have a great rest of your Saturday.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Apparently, distance makes you a better man. Just ask my buddies who keep out-driving me:) Should’ve never told them about hyper-elasticity. Damn!

In any event, The Warm-Up Launch Bonus only lasts for a few days, so I’d go check it out right away lest we all continue to be shamed on the tee box.