Eliminate “nothing”

“Just dropping a note about the Hyper Elastic Mobility program.

Just into the 3rd day but I can honestly say my ankles, knees and hips feel better. I regularly do weightlifting and your other golf exercise programs, BUT I can feel even more work at my joints so far with this program.” -Rich J.

Yup. Training our fascial system works like a champ when it’s done right.

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but my days of holding back sailed away long ago.

Most of the golfers who join our programs do the same thing…


The program doesn’t matter.

The time of year doesn’t matter.

The busy-ness of the golfer doesn’t matter.

Most won’t do anything with it.

What’s even more shocking…some will never log in to their account.

Believe me, we can see behind the scenes who accesses their training.

Which always leads me to this…

Saying you’re going to do the thing is not doing the thing.

And I get it.

We’re all consumers who get a little jolt of dopamine when we buy stuff – especially things that are going to improve our lives.

Sadly, I have a stack of self-improvement books that I bought.

And will never read.

When it comes to our golf and fitness.

Yes, the workouts are important. So are the sets, reps, tempo, recovery, schedule, specific movements, etc…

BUT, none of that matters if we don’t do the work.

Yes, it’s hard.

And I’m nowhere near perfect.

At the risk of sounding a bit morbid, we all have an expiration date.

So, stop holding back.

Stop bottling up your awesomeness.

Stop being a “regular” person.

And start being the best version of yourself.

You can not only change your life, but amazingly, those closest to you.

Is there anything better than that?


PS – If you’re ready to do the work like Rich above, then I highly encourage you to join the 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility.

If that’s not your jam, please just start doing something.

And eliminate the nothing.

We’re all here to help.