Find your comfort zone first.

I don’t care what it is – golf, fitness, business – the first time you do something new, you usually start out sucking at it. 

Just ask me how to hit a draw. 

And I’ll prove it. 

A seemingly simple exercise you watch someone else effortlessly do can surprise you with how difficult it really is. 

An exercise as simple as squats with good balance look really easy, but when you first get started, it’s hard to not tip from side to side.  

This is why I highly encourage you to begin with the low hanging fruit. 

In other words, start small and allow momentum to kick in. 

Instead of jumping in the deep end to get out of your comfort zone… 

Find your comfort zone and allow it to naturally expand over time.  

With that approach, you’ll be amazed over time how much further beyond your comfort zone you’ve gone than you ever thought you could. 

And you got there with a lot less pain and effort. 

Think about when you first started driving… 

I’ve got a 16-yr-old who just learned how to drive, and I still find myself white-knuckling the door handle. 

But, I know over time he’s going to be just fine. 

Now, had I taken him to the local racetrack, stuck him in a Ferrari, and said, “Good luck!”, he certainly would have failed (maybe that’s where “crash course” comes from). 

We have to walk before we can run. 

And success happens with a consistent effort day after day. 

Month after month. 

Year after year. 



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