“Having to start over again is tough”

“I am trying to restructure my training and diet. My job is on hold until the 11th. Starting a new job after 23 years at one dealership. Changing car lines and starting at the bottom.

Made dietary changes to help with my job and working out. Also getting rid of negative people in my life.

Having to start over again at 57 is tough, but needed. Anyone can do it if they want.

Some of us need to.”

…Just one of the replies to my email yesterday about what we’re trying to escape.

Thanks, Chris! It’s tough to be that honest with yourself. And even tougher to make those changes.

There are varying degrees, but we’re all trying to escape from something.

Whether it’s your current job. Relationship. Training program. Or something as simple as a driver you can’t hit (yeah, not everything has to be so serious).

We grew up in a time where we were told to just “toughen up”. “It’s called work for a reason.”

Or, “No pain. No gain.”

These days we know we have options. And living an enjoyable, fulfilling life is not a sign of weakness – can you believe that’s what we believed? That is bats*** crazy!

During the past 15+ years I’ve worked with golfers from every walk of life. And the ones who are having the best time have figured out the winning model…

…they have built a life they’re not trying to escape from.

They’ve built a career around their strengths.

They’ve built relationships with people they enjoy.

They train in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable for them.

And no, these people aren’t perfect, but they aren’t afraid to make changes to continuously improve their lives.

And just like Chris’ story above, it’s truly inspiring that it’s never too late for any of us.

Today? Let’s start thinking about how we can play in the new model of happy, mind-blowingly fulfilling lives.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have a call with a video editor because as much as I love making the videos, I absolutely can’t wait to escape the editing process.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Not everyone enjoys lifting weights and training like the programs in the 18STRONG Membership. That’s okay.

I’m gonna take a phrase that has been overused by everyone these days…”you do you”.

Here’s where I’d start: eat right 80-90% of the time. And get yourself moving every day.

You’ve got this!