Here’s how 40+ golfers can still win…

The sting of this morning’s defeat has yet to wear off, but hats off to a European side that came out like gangbusters and pretty much ended our hopes on Friday.

One of the players that is infuriating to watch is Justin Rose (because he’s not on our team) – he’s too old to be that good:)

Golf Fitness for longevity works.

Justin Rose may have lost today, but dang that 43-yr-old can still play.

Tiger was 43 when he won the 2019 Masters.

Gary Player, the youngest 87-yr-old and father of golf fitness, is still swinging.

If you could only focus on one thing to help you play well for the next 10, 20 or 30+ years, what would it be?







Well, the decision is much easier than you think.

There’s one Big Domino you can set in motion to make all of those above things happen.

And that is to GET STRONG.

Strength unlocks all those physical traits we need to play golf.

And that is why strength is the mother of all athletic qualities.

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Jeff Pelizzaro

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