Hit the bricks!

Yesterday, we started talking about simply getting started.

Something lights a fire under your a$$ (perhaps, an email from a trusted golf fitness trainer?:).

And you tell yourself, “I want to get fit. Now what?”

Here’s what you don’t do:

Spend the next few weeks collecting all of the overwhelming information the Google machine provides us…but take ZERO action.

Ah yes, the classic “paralysis by analysis”.

If you’ve ever been afflicted with, I totally understand.

It’s frustrating!

No worries though, you came to the right place to take action immediately.

BIG PICTURE, there are three areas we want you to focus on when getting fit:

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Mindset

Today, let’s focus on EXERCISE.

When people decide to get fit, they start exercising more.

Yeah, no kidding, right?

But, what exercise(s) should you start with?

This is going to sound crazy, but I want you to start with something simple, like taking a walk.

Hey, I know you are looking for something more challenging.

But here’s the magic:

When people regularly make time for a walk, they become people who will regularly make time for longer workouts too.

In other words, we’re not worried about the exercise itself.

We’re building the habit – which is the hardest part.

Do that every day for 2-3 weeks.

By the way, don’t discount the physical effectiveness of walking.

You can walk yourself back into shape.

Next, after you’ve started walking consistently, move to a foundational golf strength training program (we have Golf Body Blueprint – Activate) to start building a solid foundation of strength, mobility, injury-prevention, etc.

Again, start slow and build.

If you come outta the gate too hot, you’re going to do one of two things:

  1. Get burnt out and quit
  2. Get hurt and quit

There’s no third outcome.

Adding “golf” to your strength program dramatically increases your chances of building the habit for the long-term b/c you’re obviously getting stronger…

But, you’re ALSO seeing results on the course.

And us lunatic golfers have a tendency to get addicted to things that make us better.

You’ve got this.


PS – If you’re interested in a step-by-step, foundational program, the Golf Body Blueprint – Activate is housed in the 18STRONG Membership.

You can instantly access it here: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive