How to defeat the “Fear Of Better Options”

Yesterday, I wrote about keeping score with the wrong scorecard, so today, let’s start fresh with the right scorecard.

I had a professor in college who put it best on Day 1 of class…each and every one of you has a 100% in my class. Now, it’s your job to keep it.

Today is your clean slate. Your chance to start over with the proverbial “blank page”.

Now, there is a warning I’m going to get to a minute. But first…

I want to share the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the decades I’ve spent as a business owner and how you can apply it to your fitness like all of our successful Crew do…

So, when we started 18STRONG, we knew we wanted to help golfers change their lives by getting fit and living their best lives. That part was easy.

The hard part? How were we going to do it?

Were we going to create DVDs (yeah, that’s how long ago it was)? Were we going to have a membership group? How were we going to deliver the workouts? How were we going to get across our message?

Then, how were we going to market our products? Google? Facebook? YouTube? Billboards? TV? Radio?

When you start anything new, it’s overwhelming because of the number of decisions you have to make.
And the number of options for each decision seems endless.

And that’s when “Fear Of Better Options” starts to creep in.

You’re never 100% sure you’re making the right decision because there are so many ways to do things.

It can be paralyzing.

The problem is we think that we’re going to miss out on the “best” option.

Then, we get stuck. We don’t act. We don’t move forward.

So, what do you do? Well, what took me a long time to figure out is this lesson:

Just f-ing do it!

You may make the wrong decision. But, you won’t know it’s the wrong decision until you make it. The worst thing you can do is get bogged down by over-thinking.

Even if it’s the worst decision you’ve ever made, nobody is going to stop you from fixing it. We’re humans. We’re resilient. We are built to learn, then adapt.

And I’ve seen it happen all-too-often with golfers and their fitness. They are on a futile search for the perfect program, then end up never getting started.

Again, you’re not gonna know until you know.

We’re still making mistakes with 18STRONG, and we’ll continue to do so. All we can do is take the information we’re given, and quickly use it to make the best decision at the time.

Had Fear Of Better Options gotten the best of us, I’d be back to helping workman’s comp injuries in the Physical Therapy clinic – not exactly what I signed up for when I enrolled in PT school.

Today, your challenge is to stop looking for the perfect option (it doesn’t exist), choose a training program, and just do it.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you’re looking for a strength training program that’s going to help you play your best golf surrounded by golfers just like you, then we’ve got you covered in the 18STRONG Membership.

There are programs built for the beginner on up to the gym rat. And spoiler alert: We work our tails off to give you the best programming, but they’re not perfect.

I’d give it a shot for a month. The worst that happens is you figure out that you can do something for 30 days…

And that is a HUGE WIN.