How to QUICKLY Gain Momentum

Happy Wednesday, my fellow golf nut and Folds of Honor supporter.

I’ve been a little inconsistent with my emails lately, but I’ve had a few good reasons – this is the latest:
My son Sam, bro-in-law Adam, and I were in Michigan for family vacation and couldn’t miss the chance to play American Dunes…It did not disappoint.

I’ll talk all about it on the podcast, but for now, back to business.

I want to pass something along to you about gaining momentum:

Start with the small, and you can have it all.

Too many golfers want to start with the big stuff.

The big workouts. The big goal. The big, big, big.

And then they wonder why it all went wrong.

Admittedly, starting small ain’t sexy. BUT, it’s the fastest way to get ball rolling down the hill.

Setting a goal to run five miles tomorrow when you haven’t proven you can run 1/4 a mile since high school ain’t gonna happen. And on the rare occasion it does, you’ll be sore until next Wed.

Same goes for exercises like push-ups.

A fit person can do 10-30 push-ups when they first start doing push-ups. Looking back, I was closer to the bottom of the number when I first got started.

I kept at it…and eventually I was able to bust out 50+.

Now, there are many golfers who can’t do 10 repetitions when they start.

So, why not start with 1-5 reps? Start super small. Don’t fry your nervous system. Don’t intimidate yourself.

If you can do a single repetition, that a good start. Remember: it’s not where you start – it’s where you end up that matters.

(Sidebar: my Uncle Mike, who has been working out longer than anybody I know, is 73 and pumped out 65 push-ups last year at our family Christmas party. A few less IPAs, and I think he could’ve kept on going.)

I’ve advised many people to do five reps, then take a break. Sounds like I’m being too soft, I know. But I kid you not, if someone will do five reps and rest, for some odd reason, he or she will want to do another set of five, and another, and possibly another.

With this simple method of doing a little then resting, I’ve seen incredible progress.

AND this is why it’s so important to build momentum, quickly…

Get it going and keep it growing.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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Build up to it gradually.

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