I quit  

Another Monday. Another time for a fresh start. 

And I gotta tell you, the world needs your example. Your work ethic. Your commitment to a healthy life. 

Even though I try my damndest to avoid most of the toxic news, it still finds its way to me – as I’m sure it does to you. 

People are overweight. Unhealthy. Unhappy. And just don’t feel good. 

And the mainstream media, beholden to soooo many, refuses to talk about the most obvious fix for what ails us… 

A healthy lifestyle. 

I love seeing so many of our Crew doing their part, helping to lift others. Offering their time, advice, experience, and willingness to be vulnerable about their own lives. 

Maybe skipping breakfast works for you. 

Maybe you don’t like cardio (like me), so you walk instead. 

Maybe you never liked lifting weights until you put a TV in your workout area (like Ryan). 

My goodness, there is so much advice and experience you can get from those who have gone through what you’re going through right now. Use it! 

I’m not getting any younger, so you can bet you’re a$$ that I’m going out swinging. Maximum fun. Maximum impact. Maximum longevity. 

Procrastination? Perfectionism? No shot. 

Please JOIN US. 

Let’s eliminate every excuse (I’ve got a lot:) Put every setback in the rearview mirror, and get in the friggin’ game. 

Stop doing the same old things that keep failing you. And yes, they are failing you. Not the other way around. 

Less beating yourself up. More confidence. 

Let’s live our best lives. Together. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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