If Michael Jordan thinks golf is the hardest sport, what chance do we have?

6-time NBA champion 

6-time NBA Finals MVP 

14-time All-Star 

The GOAT. 

When asked by Steph Curry why MJ got into golf: 

“I kind of got into golf mainly because from a competitive standpoint, to me, it is the hardest game to play.” 

Yup. One of the greatest athletes, and debatably the most competitive, to ever walk on the planet admitted that golf is the hardest sport to play. 

So, what’s the point? 

I bring it up so that we all do a better job of managing our expectations. 

On the course, you’re not going to hit every fairway (the Tour average is only 57%). 

You’re not going to putt for birdie every hole (Tour average for greens in regulation is only 67%). 

In the gym, you’re not going to get shredded in 90 days. 

You’re not going to start crushing drives like DeChambeau. 

And you WILL miss some of your workouts. 

The #3 most common challenge our golfers have is being consistent, and sticking to a program. 

And a huge problem is that they start with unrealistic expectations, don’t get to their goal in their specified time, get pissed, then give up. 

Seen it happen a lot. Heck, I’ve done it many times. 

What clicked for me is when I stopped treating my goals like a sprint to the finish.  

And I realized that we’re all running a marathon. 

Sit back. Let it happen. And enjoy the ride. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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