It’s easy to be GREAT today

Happy wow-that-was-a-crazy-weekend-of-college-basketball Monday!

So, on my way to camping with the family for a quick spring break trip this past weekend, my son spouted out a David Goggins quote about being tough.

I was pretty darn impressed by two things:

  1. He knows who David Goggins is.
  2. He picked a pretty good quote.

Made me feel like we’re doing a good job of parenting, so I went and found the exact quote to share with you:

“It’s so easy to be great nowadays, because most of the world is weak.”

And I could not agree more.

When I look at how we grew up, “tough love” reigned supreme. Nobody had time for every little feeling we had, but we always felt loved (even if we didn’t realize it until later in life).

So, what does this have to do with golf and fitness?

All of this current fragility is now our competitive advantage.

The bar has been set embarrassingly low. So, a little toughness and consistency will make you an absolute beast.

If you’ve been following 18STRONG for any time, you understand that you have to alter your habits and behavior to improve.

Those weaklings who refuse to alter their habits and behavior because it’s too uncomfortable…well, they can stay exactly where they are. That’s what they deserve.

How hard is it to beat them at [insert whatever you want to be great at]?

It’s easy to be a beast when everyone else is a wussy.

And the opportunity to take advantage has never been BIGGER.

Today, let’s start using it.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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