It’s finally LIVE!

Last Thursday, I was sitting in the office at the gym talking to our co-founder, Ryan, and we had an epiphany…

Ryan asked me, “Is there really a difference in how you train a 45+ golfer in the gym vs. a young kid in his 20s? Or, do you just have them lift lighter weights so “they” don’t get hurt?”

Now, you’ll notice “they” is in quotes. And that’s because we realized:

Holy s***! We are 45+!

I guess we’ve been doing this so long. And we still feel like kids, that it honestly never dawned on us that I’m 45 and Ryan is now 47…when did that happen?

We had a good laugh about it. Then, we both looked at each other, and said, “Yeah, that’s our tribe!”

And we decided from that moment on, we’re going to serve our tribe. Our people. Our 45+ golfers who refuse to go down quietly whilst our kids get better and better and golf. And try to take our championship belts.

So, to answer Ryan’s question, “Yes, I do train 45+ golfers differently than those young punks:)”

We’re less rubbery than we once were, so we need to focus more on mobility.

We don’t hit the ball as far as we once did, wo we need to focus on generating more power.

We’re more prone to injury, so we need to focus on getting stronger to stay on the course.

We’re more strapped for time, so we need to focus on training that fits into our busy lives.

So, if you’ve been following along for the last week or so, I’ve been revamping our Activate program.

And today the “digitally remastered” version is open!

Finally!!! And there aren’t enough exclamation points to show how friggin’ excited we are!!!

We have not promoted Activate in over a year, so we’re so excited to offer it our tribe. In all of its newfound glory.

It’s an 8-week program designed for the 45+ yr old golfer who hasn’t been in the gym for a few years, or doesn’t have much experience with weight training (by far, the best training for us).

The main goal is to build a strong foundation that helps unlock your distance, power, mobility, and injury-prevention.

So, to kick off the new program, we’re going to entice you to finally take that first step by dropping the price from $97 to $67 for a limited time – if you’re like me, sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to get moving.

You can check it out here.

You’ve got this. And you’ve got the Crew behind you to help you when you start to waiver (and you will).
Alright, gotta go. Busy afternoon of clients, and a weekend of fun in the fall sun.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Yesterday, I talked about your fitness success (really, most things in life) can be boiled down to this:
Repeating the simplest stuff over and over and over.

Today, we’re giving you the roadmap to do just that when you get off the couch and join us in the Golf Body Blueprint – Activate program.