Just like “The Big Bang Theory”, flexibility is over-rated

Hey, I’ve tried to watch it.

I just don’t get why it’s supposed to be funny.

Seriously, can somebody please tell me:)

Now that we can all agree on the TV show, let’s talk about why flexibility is also over-rated.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have had a serious injury, you’re familiar with the goniometer.

That is the device that physical therapists such as myself use to measure the range of motion.

It’s kinda like a movie clapboard they show right before they shout “Action!”

As your knee begins to heal, your range of motion (ROM) gradually moves from a straight-legged 180 degrees to 90 degrees and beyond.

And here is one of the first things we learned in school about measuring ROM with a goniometer…

Do not touch the leg or help push it further.

My job is to take a measurement of the position of your knee that you get into under your own power.

Because THAT is what matters.


Mobility is how you get your body into the positions you need.

Like say, a backswing or follow-thru in a golf swing.

Now, had I pushed on your shin to sharpen the angle, that would have been a measure of flexibility.

And the last I checked, nobody is helping us on the tee box to get in the positions we want.

So, while golfer constantly talk about flexibility…it’s really increased mobility we’re after.

To be fair, flexibility does matter because we want stretchy muscles…

But it matters kinda like a swimming pool in your backyard.

Sure, it makes your house more enjoyable, but it doesn’t keep you warm and dry – the two characteristics that matter most in a house.

Here’s a short video from our buddy’s over at Golf Forever that gives a little bit deeper explanation.

Jeff Pelizzaro