94: You’re a Golfer, but are you an Athlete? with Kaitlyn Sharpless

Kaitlyn Sharpless is quickly becoming one of the “IT” female trainers in the world of golf.  It seems like she is everywhere!  And that includes right here on 18STRONG.  Not only is she our featured guest for this episode, but she is also one of our featured coaches here, and has provided a ton of great videos and content, which can be seen by going here.

Kaitlyn has a very fresh and enthusiastic outlook on training for the golfer.  Here company Felix Fortis Golf literally means Happy Strong Golf, which when you meet Kaitlyn, is exactly what you’ll get.  A happy and strong person, in and out of the gym or golf course.  She is a firm believer that strength is a major component to a solid golf training program, and thus is a huge advocate that we are all athletes in some capacity, and thus need to work like one to stay happy and healthy, for our game and also LIFE!
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Kaitlyn Sharpless’ Background

  • Founder of Felix.Fortis. Golf Strength & Conditioning

  • Kaitlyn is on a mission to “bridge the gap” between the golf world and the strength world.

  • Her experience of an over-use lower back injury while playing for Methodist University’s Women’s Golf team  sparked her interest in connecting human movement and the golf swing.

  • Her strength & conditioning philosophy boils down to helping golfers move better, get stronger, avoid injury and play the game of golf we love to the best of one’s ability.

  • If  golfers are playing with physical limitations they are unaware of- they are sticking a square peg through a round hole and setting themselves  up for injury.

  • Some of her credentials include: Master of Science, Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, PGA Member, USAW Weightlifting Coach, Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Junior Coach, Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Professional, K-Vest Specialist

Highlights from this Episode

  • Kaitlyn shares some stories of her grandpa (“Pap”) and how he was very influential in creating her love for golf.
  • She explains where the name of her company Felix.Fortis.Golf came from and how it applies to the way she trains.
  • We discuss her background as a collegiate level golfer and some of the physical struggles that she encountered and how she got over them.
  • This led to her interest in TPI and the strength and conditioning field.
  • Are golfer’s athletes? Kaitlyn gives a resounding YES to this answer and explains why.
  • She shares some of the biggest misconceptions regarding fitness and golf and how she overcomes them with her clients.
  • We discuss several tips on simply being a happier, stronger golfer in order to play the best game of your life.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

One or 2 of the Most Influential People, Books, or Experiences in Your Life?

Her Grandfather “Pap”

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Thomas Plummer

What are you excited about in your near future?

Her new online training platform

Where to Find Kaitlyn Sharpless:

website: FelixFortisGolf.com

Facebook: Kaitlyn Sharpless

Twitter: @KSharpGolf

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