Landmine squats for golfers

Today is the Cardinals Opening Day here in St. Louis, so it’s kinda like St. Patty’s Day around these parts – except everyone in town is wearing red. 

The last time I went to a ball game, I was lucky enough to sit up close. 

And these dudes are huge! 

The baseball and golf swings are similar, so I’m always interested about how these monsters train – clearly, legs are a giant focus as they’re trying to generate maximum power. 

Which, I’ve gone on record about how much I love squats for golfers. 

But, I get that after awhile, they can get boring. 

The solution? 

Landmine Squats 

They require an anchor, so you can’t do them at home, but they have quickly become a favorite of our Crew. 

Speaking of St. Louis, our buddies over at 1stPhorm wrote a great article about landmine squats: 

  • Which muscles do they work? 
  • What are they? 
  • How to do them. 

For us lunatic golfers, here’s what grabbed my attention: 

“Not only will landmine squats challenge your strength, but they will also train your coordination and stability.” 

That may as well have been written specifically for golfers. 

You can check out the article here. 

Alright, I’ve got some weights to move, clients to see, and lives to change before we start the Cardinals celebration. 



PS – I’ve got a clear agenda today…I’m here to sell you on how awesome landmine squats are for us golfers. 

But, if you’re still skeptical, scroll to the bottom of the article, and find the “Benefits” section – you will be sold:) 

You can click here to check it out.