Less fat = better finishing holes

Good morning. And welcome to the weekend!

This morning walking the dog, I figured out two very important things:

First, Taylor Swift is so universally liked because she is the perfect amount of hot and girl next door – I know it’s been bugging you.

Second, most golfers that first walk into the gym have three stages of their round:

  1. They feel tight the first few holes before they get loose, and give away a few strokes
  2. They get warmed-up, and hit their groove in the middle of the round
  3. Fatigue creeps in toward the end, and they give away a few more strokes

Near the end, the club feels a little heavier. The concentration starts to disappear. And we’re not swinging with nearly as much energy.

We need more stamina.

Luckily, most times it’s an easy fix…dropping unwanted fat.

And I’m not talking about becoming a marathon runner or a triathlete.

I’m talking about the sustainable, consistent energy you gain from shedding extra pounds.

When your body carries less weight, it doesn’t have to work as hard.

The result? You’ll tire less easily, maintaining better focus and energy on the golf course.

You ever walk up a few stairs to an elevated tee box with a really large gentleman? The amount of out-of-breath is alarming.

Carrying extra weight is kinda like lugging around an extra golf bag.

So, fast forward to when we lose unwanted fat…

Imagine how much easier each step, each swing, each bend to pick up a ball would be without that added baggage.

By the 15th hole, where most start to feel the drain, you could still be going strong with the energy you had at the start…and ready to rock another 18.

I know we’re in the fall, but what about those hot, sunny days!

A leaner physique tends to regulate body temperature more efficiently, which means you’re less likely to feel overheated and exhausted, even when the sun is blasting down on us.

One of the goals of our newly re-released Golfer’s Fat Loss Blueprint is to address the unique stamina needs us crazy golfers have.

It’s important to build endurance and stamina WITHOUT compromising strength and flexibility.

And the confidence boost you get when you can rock whatever golf attire you want…fugget about it!

Alright, I’m off to the gym floor. I can see a couple guys with the extra golf bag around there waist, so time to get to work.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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