Milli Vanilli will stop you in your tracks

It’s Friday and today’s email is an exercise in incorporating a great life lesson I learned a few years back, and I finally get to quote one of the great songs of 1988. 


I’m not Rick-Rolling. 

I’m not pouring any sugar on you. 

And I’m not drinking red, red wine. 

When it comes to exercising, we all fall into this trap that if we don’t get in a full-blown workout routine, or we miss a day, then we’re just gonna do nothing. 

The lesson I learned is to ditch the All-Or-Nothing attitude. 

Yup.  A classic song from a classic duo in Milli Vanilli. 

And I am just as guilty as the next guy falling into the trap.   

I’ve had days when I miss my workout, then that spirals into eating like garbage. 

I’ve started a new program, did it perfectly for a few weeks, missed a day, then scrapped the whole program. 

I don’t know if it’s just a good out, or if there’s some psychological thing going on. 

Here’s the thing: 

A little exercise is better than nothing.  Period. 

I don’t care if you take a walk.  Play a sport.  Take a jog.  Or, hit the gym. 

Just do something. 

It keeps us on track. 

In the 18STRONG Membership App, we have a number of 8 and 4-week programs that map out each day for you. 

And it’s no coincidence that we baked in the ability to move up your workouts if you miss a day.   

Don’t beat yourself up. 

Miss a day, then get back to it the next day.  #nevermisstwice 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – During our first boy-girl party as an 8th grader, I had my first slow dance to Milli Vanilli.  That has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d puff out my chest a little bit and show how much of a lady’s man I was:) 

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