Mr. Gilmore, I’m your caddy

Happy Wednesday, my fellow can’t-wait-until-the-next-major golf nut.

So, tough news for young Will Zalatoris who withdrew from The Masters, then spent his weekend having season-ending back surgery.

You hate to see anybody have to go through it, but it’s especially tough to watch a 26-yr-old already dealing with significant back issues.

I’m not his trainer, so I know nothing about what he does to strengthen his body, nor would I ever second guess anyone in this situation. But, there is a definite takeaway for all of us…

The importance of strength training to help prevent injuries.

Injuries happen no matter what we do. Our job is to minimize our exposure to them while still doing what we love. So, it can be a delicate balancing act.

And that balance has a lot to do with the sport you play – obviously, golf in our case.

A golf swing is pretty violent, but a golfer is going to train differently than, say, a bull rider.

For us to not only perform at our best, but also stay safe, we rely on the Big 5 movements:

  1. Push (e.g. push-ups)
  2. Pull (e.g. rows)
  3. Hinge (e.g. deadlift)
  4. Squat (e.g. dumbbell squat)
  5. Rotate (e.g. medicine ball throws)

Again, sometimes injuries just happen. But regularly employing those movements will drastically lower the chances of you having to spend time on the sidelines.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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Here’s to a speedy recovery for Happy Gilmore’s caddy!