Neurological discovery for radical distance

Welcome to Day 3 of our Nashville trip, where 36 holes at Gaylord Springs are awaiting us shortly.

And the Halloween costumes of downtown are awaiting a little later in the day – really not sure what to expect from the Broadway crazies (maybe we’re in the group:)

Not long ago, I read something online about pushing past decision-making roadblocks.

And how, neurologically, what can work like crazy for getting past a block is to simply go read something on a topic you know nothing about.

If you want more distance (who doesn’t?), I’m willing to bet you’ve read 1,000 different ways to do it.

So, start fresh today, and Google “bat eating habits in the caves of southern Missouri”.

Or, something equally cool.

When you do so, your brain creates fresh, new neuro-pathways.

Then, when you go back to making whatever decision you were struggling with, you’ll bring those new connections & pathways with you to help eliminate the roadblock. And move forth with what you need to do.

Very intriguing advice.

And in my experience, it works.

Now, let’s talk about another kind of roadblock:

Specifically, paralysis by analysis.

Far as I can tell, the #1 thing that blocks golfers from adding 10-40 yards of distance is…

(Drum roll)

Too many choices.

You can have all the motivation in the world.

But, if you’re not sure what is going to work, you’ll never pull the trigger. And get to work.

And that doesn’t work for me.

Ergo, our transparent motivation for creating Hyper-Elastic Distance.

It will help you do one thing…

Add distance!

Yes, we have other training programs that help you do a lot of things.

This ain’t one of them.

One problem (lack of distance).

One solution (more distance).

That’s it.

So, to help me help you, this is how you’re going to smash your roadblock to longer drives, approaches, and everything in between:

Hyper-Elastic Distance

It’s a 14-day program. Will take you about 20 mins per day. And usually adds 20+ yards.

You’ve got this.

– Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – This training is short and sweet. BUT, doesn’t work unless you put in the work (which sadly, most won’t).

You can click here to check it out.