Overnight fitness millionaire

“Yeah, but he got lucky.”

A friend of a friend was talking about a guy we went to high school with who does VERY well for himself.
And that was his takeaway.

To which my response was, “Are you friggin’ kidding me?”

He plugged away for ten years before he got to the point where he achieved “F-U” money.

The over-used term, “Overnight millionaire” could not be more wrong.

And he got me thinking…

It’s the same with golfers who are in shape.

The journey to fitness is often perceived as a path of grand gestures, intense efforts, and hacks.

However, results lie in the power of consistency.

But here’s the thing, it’s not just the repetition.

I’m gonna get between the ears on this fine Monday morning…

Consistency in fitness is more than just physical.

It’s a psychological transformation.

For example, regular, short workouts help in developing a fitness mindset where exercise becomes a non-negotiable aspect of daily life.

And that shift in mindset is crucial for long-term results.

So instead of sporadic bursts of activity, the mindset shift magically turns exercise into a sustained lifestyle choice.

Again, the beauty of consistency lies in the cumulative effect of small, daily actions.

Each workout might seem insignificant on its own, but over weeks and months and years, these add up to substantial improvements in strength, endurance, and overall health.

This gradual progression is more sustainable and less intimidating than attempting large, infrequent, soul-crushing baptism-by-fire physical activity.

It’s about creating a sustainable habit, fostering psychological resilience, building discipline, and accumulating the benefits of small actions over time.

When we embrace this approach, fitness becomes an integral, enjoyable part of everyday lives.
Which leads to feeling better. Playing better. And living better.

We’ll leave the 90-day “transformation” programs that rarely stick to the celebrity trainers and gurus.

For our Crew, we’re looking years and decades down the road. A looong time of living our best.

And it starts with small workouts that add up over time.

Workouts we hand to you in Micro Workouts– Total Body.

Alright, I’ve gotta run. With this short Thanksgiving week, we’re trying to squeeze 5 days into 3.

Wish me luck.

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Pay attention to your emails this week. We’re putting on our eCommerce hat and doing something for Black Friday we’ve never done.

It’s very uncomfortable, so I’m sure it’s right:)