Pay the price

Over the weekend, our co-founder Ryan went on a road trip to Wichita for his son Murphy’s soccer team. 

His son plays on a very high-level team here in St. Louis, so they travel quite a bit. 

And on many of these trips, he misses out on dances, hanging with his buddies, and other things teenagers do on weekends. 

As a Dad, Ryan struggles with Murphy missing out on things, but Murphy has consistently told him that he’s willing to the pay the price to play at that level.  

And as long as he still loves it, that’s all he needs to hear… 

Because everything valuable has a price. 

Most people want the thing that’s valuable, but stray away from the costs. 

Getting in shape requires: 

  1. Hard work 
  2. Learning new skills 
  3. Staying focused 
  4. Going (consistently) out of your comfort zone 
  5. Working when you don’t feel like it 

So, if you’re frustrated by your lack of progress, ask… 

“Am I really paying the price for what I want?” 

You may not like the answer. 

But, if you’re honest, we’re here to help. 

The best place to get started is joining us in the 18STRONG Membership

We’ll give you the tools. 

All you have to do is the work (yes, that is the hard part:). 

You’ve got this!