Recovery Days vs. Cheat Days

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Happy Friday my fellow golf, fitness, fun, and TPC nut! 

Lots to do today, so let’s jump right in… 

So, piggybacking on yesterday’s email, here’s a problem I’ve been seeing with far too many of our guys… 

The days that you don’t work out are NOT “cheat days!” 

I understand you’re not training.  

And it’s a day to catch your breath.  

BUT, the urge to slack off, eat poorly, and not move can be strong – it’s a momentum crusher. 

Lest we forget, exercise is only 10-20% of the golf fitness equation.  

The rest of the pie is how we eat and rest. 

I’m just as guilty as the next guy.  

But what I’ve found is that I am far less likely to eat like a garbage can when I’m doing something.  

The mental shift comes from simply eliminating “off days” from your vocabulary.  

And instead, “recovery days” is what you’re planning.  

Even more specifically, we do active recovery on those days. 

What is active recovery?  

Simply, it’s any light activity designed to help your muscles heal after training. 

Here’s the trick: we need to be active enough to increase blood flow to our muscles.  

But gentle enough to allow our muscles to heal. 

Over the last decade, we’ve gotten pretty darn good at it, so you’ll see our training programs walk that fine line like a tightrope-walker at the circus.    

Since we’re all trying to play our best golf, on your active recovery days, I would give yourself a steady dose of mobility training.  

Simply getting your joints moving is going to go a long way on the course.  

And just more comfortably move around the world as we get older. 

Neck circles, shoulder circles, ankle rotations…all great exercises for mobility. 

In a perfect world, you’d carve out the same time each day to keep your momentum going.  

But, more importantly is to just do SOMETHING every day – even if it’s just for five minutes. 

If today is your recovery day, then just get moving.  

If today is your training day, then keep pushing a little harder each time. 



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