Rules are the worst…but then again?

Welcome to another glorious Monday – the best day of the week to start something new.

So last night, I started watching the documentary on Netflix about David Beckham, cleverly named Beckham. He was and still is one of my favorite footballers, so it’s right up my alley.

And like any good biographic documentary, they cover his childhood. And how his dad’s rules and discipline shaped him as a player and person.

If you’re anything like me, rules were not my jam growing up. In fact, one could accuse me of being a bit of a contrarian who zigged when most zagged – that’s probably why I became an entrepreneur.

Now, as a Dad, I realize most of the rules I grew up with were to keep me safe (and alive in some instances:). And to salvage my parents’ sanity.

Inasmuch as I hated rules back then…I now fully realize how rules can set us free – a sentence I never thought would come from me.

Rules can protect us from our biggest weaknesses, which gives us the best chance at a healthy, fit life.

Stick with me…

When we build rules, they allow us to make ONE decision.

Here are a few rules I have that completely replace any thought or decision:

“Hey Jeff, do you want to hit happy hour and have a few cold suds?”

“No thanks, I don’t drink during the week.”

Without my rule of not indulging in beers during the week, I would have to waste energy deciding whether or not I should every time somebody asks me. Eventually, I would cave.

However, when I say, “No thanks, I don’t drink during the week,” it’s black and white. There’s no decision to make. I have a rule. And I have to follow it.

My workout rule: Under no circumstances will I miss two in a row. Clients ask me to play golf a lot, and I’ll gladly miss a workout – no big deal. I simply catch up the following day.

My travel rule: I always buy a sticker from the place where I’m visiting. And slap it on a cooler that looks like a Bugs Bunny suitcase. Have fun with it!

What are your rules?

And are they your rules?

What works for other people is what works for other people. Especially if their rules are “I don’t eat carbs.” No thanks. Never having a cold beer for the rest of my days sounds miserable.

I’d love to hear what rules you’ve put into place that help take decisions off your plate.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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