Say man, you got a joint…?

Happy Thursday, my fellow golf nut!

St. Louis City won their match last. I’m heading to the St. Louis University girls match tonight with my daughter. And it’s about to be a long weekend.

It’s not so bad being me sometimes:)

So, we’ve been talking about joint mobility all week. And I couldn’t resist…

Now, I doubt Wooderson was much of golfer, but for those of us who put a premium on mobility, we understand the obvious benefits of having nice and lubed joints:A free, comfortable fluid swingBetter swing mechanicsInjury-preventionConsistencyI don’t need to talk you into mobility or increasing your range of motion.Instead, here are the top 5 “golf areas” where you want to focus your mobility routine:AnklesHipsShouldersNeckTrunkIncorporating a mobility routine tailored to golfers, like the one in the 18STRONG Membership, is a long-term investment for any golfer looking to play their best for years and years to come.Just like your pension (remember that word?), you put in a little, then end up with A LOT.You’ve got this!Your #1 Fan,
Jeff PelizzaroPS – If you’re looking for a Done-For-You mobility routine, it’s already installed on your calendar in the 18STRONG Membership app. THAT is how important it is.You can claim your account here: