Some “side effects” are awesome!

Welcome to the longest day of the year for us in the northern hemisphere! 

So yesterday, I wrote about Ozempic. 

You know the story: it’s a hero’s journey about weight loss being as simple as taking a miracle cure.  

A magic bullet solution promised by big pharmaceutical companies.  

The tale is compelling and irresistible… 

…but it’s also BS.  

And, we deserve the truth. 

To be fair, weight loss drugs can create crazy results, but it’s all about quick fixes.   

And in the immediacy of the results, we often forget to ask the important question: 

What happens when we stop? 

Weight loss drugs are like sprinters.  

They’ll get you ahead fast, but they won’t keep you going for a marathon.  

Our lives are not a 100-meter dash…hopefully they’re very long runs, a lot of which we spend on the golf course.  

The effects of these drugs are temporary at best.  

And damaging at worst.  

When the treatments stop, the weight creeps back, usually even more than what we started with. 

So, instead of looking at our weight loss and health as a destination… 

…let’s flip the script and treat it like it’s a journey.  

And I know this is going to sound crazy, but let’s make it a fun journey of regular exercise, good nutrition and the right mindset. 

Somewhere along the way, somebody gave me this piece of advice… 

Fat loss is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle. 

That’s a much better side effect than the diarrhea and constipation of Ozempic (yeah, both are listed on their website as side effects, which I didn’t think was possible:) 

I can’t tell you what works for everybody – we’re all unique.  

But, I can tell you what has worked for me and our Crew. 

And it starts with our 18STRONG Diet Stack.  

It’s our step-by-step plan to lifelong changes with the desired side effect of fat loss. 

I highly encourage you to download it today.  

And hey, it’s free! 

You’re going to want to blow through the steps as quickly as possible, but please don’t.  

I promise those small changes you make will add up over time.  

And maintaining your ideal weight will become almost effortless. 



PS – The average person tries and fails 126 fad diets over the course of their lifetime.  

Today, let’s finally break that cycle. 

And start here with the 18STRONG Diet Stack

Any questions, please let me know.