Speed Killer: Hip rotation

Ok, it’s Monday afternoon and before I spend the rest of the day on the gym floor helping golfers get strong, fast and mobile, let’s talk latter…mobility.More specifically, let’s talk about the hips.First of all, what is hip mobility?I apologize in advance if you’re a lefty, but I’m gonna play the odds and use a right-handed swing to illustrate the point.So, the key to hip mobility is internal rotation – in other words, when your thigh bone (femur) rotates inwardly toward your pelvis.For righties, you rotate around your right hip in the backswing, then in the left hip in your follow-through. Of course, the opposite is true for lefties.We want a nice, full range of motion so you can make full hip turns on the way back, then all the way through.Why is it important?Functionally: The amount of rotation we get affects the amount of trunk/shoulder turn, which also has a domino-effect in the swing sequence.Practically: Among other things, a lack of internal hip rotation kills your speed.And I know everybody wants more speed and distance.Rather than try to explain this with an long, wordy email, here’s a video a video I shot that also has a one single thing you can do to help fix this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47ZBBbxMWIY
It feels like a mobility week, so tomorrow, let’s work on a different area, then put it all together at the end of the week.Your #1 Fan,
Jeff PelizzaroPS – Hip rotation is just one piece of the golf fitness puzzle. I don’t want you to get too overwhelmed this week as we talk about different “golf areas” of your body.To keep you focused and only working on what matters, we’ve specifically designed each training program in the 18STRONG Membership to be as simple as possible.Simple. Simple. Simple.