Squat alternatives

After close to 20 years (it’s been so long, I don’t know what the number is anymore) our Crew has beaten me into submission about squats. 

Okay, not really, but I’m going to meet you in the middle. 

For me, squats are one of the best, if not the best exercises, especially for golfers. 

They help with movement, mobility, power, and tight buns (the latter obviously being the greatest of all benefits:). 

But hey, I get it. 

They can get old. 

And you may not like to do them. 

So, our buddies over at 1stPhorm wrote a great article about six alternatives to squats called “Squat Alternatives For Your Lower Body.” 

I joke about being a “squat snob”, but honestly, the alternative movements are really great. 

AND, there are two sections at the bottom for two of our most common golfers: 

  • Which of these exercises should I do with a bad back
  • Which of these exercises should I do with bad knees

Let me also put on my physical therapist hat for a minute…if your back or knees are really, really jacked-up, don’t be stupid about it. 

Always let pain be your guide. 

We’re all here to play golf for a long time, not hurt ourselves at the beginning of the golf season. 

Now that you’ve gotten the disclaimer, you can check out the article by clicking here




PS – I believe most of the 1stPhorm articles have a little blurb at the bottom about their app. I use it to track my daily nutrition, so I highly recommend it. 

Again, you can click here to check out the article.