Stop listening to me

Oooh yeah, its Friday and we’re ready to rock!

So…you’re here, reading my humble email because you want to build a body for golf that changes your life both on and off the course, right?

We’re on the same page.

Today, I want  you to stop listening for a second. And finally hear me.

This week was devoted to helping you break the start & stop cycle by avoiding the three biggest pitfalls we see over and over and over again:

  1. Changing too much at once – I love your optimism, but most people cannot stick to a program that turns your life upside down.
  2. Picking a goal too large – Again, I love your optimism, but stop trying to hit a homerun every at-bat.
  3. No environmental changes – If you want to lose fat, don’t keep Twinkies in your pantry. If you want to quit drinking, don’t hang out with John Daly. If you want to hit the weights, don’t bury your gym bag in the back of the closet.

Yeah, you’re a special person. There are great things about you that make you unique. BUT…

…you’re not so special that the rules don’t apply to you.

My biz partner and cousin Ryan is a perfect example of this.

He is not a naturally skinny person. He has to work to keep his weight where he wants it. And has tried just about every diet you can think of.

In fact, he’s a great resource so we know what, and what not, to do.

Over the last 7 years or so, he’s really gotten it figured out. Like all of us, his weight fluctuates a few pounds up and down.

So right now, he needs to lose a few lbs as he really got into the holiday season. And all of the delicious trappings from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Like clockwork, he’ll lose 1-2 lbs per week when he’s dialed in.

He eliminates processed foods. Only eats between noon-8p. Casually watches his calories. Cuts back on his booze (he still gets his money’s worth on the weekends). Lifts weights. And walks.

On January 2nd (17 days ago), he clocked in at 176lbs. This morning, he weighed-in at 173.5.

Great results, right?

His goal is to lose one pound per week (which he is currently ahead of schedule).

This morning, he told me that he really had to fight the urge to reduce his calories even more because he could lose fat even faster. Huge mistake!

Now, he’s been down this road too many times. So, he knows the outcome:

Monday thru Thursday he’ll be able to keep his calories really low (and it sucks)…come Friday, he’ll eat like a ravenous animal. Put all those “saved” calories back in his body. And add even more.

Instead, he’s fighting himself. And sticking to what works.

The point is, I know you have listened to me say “buy into the process” or “this is a marathon, not a sprint”.

But today, please HEAR me.

Your #1 fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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Before too long, you’ll be telling your buddies, “You’re not hearing me!”