The 1 Percent Rule

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits (great read), introduced me to The 1 Percent Rule.

When I said “introduced,” he and I weren’t sitting at the local tavern talking about life over a few cold suds.I mean I was reading some of his stuff and found it.

Okay, so the crux of what I stumbled across is this…Small and simple actions will accumulate to big improvements in performance over time.

For example:“If you got just 1% better every day for the next year, the compounding effect would cumulatively make you 37X better by March 12, 2025.”

How different would you be if you were 37 times better at anything a year from now?Check out my graphic design skills…
I bring it up to get you thinking one thing:“What are you doing today to make yourself 1% better than you were yesterday?”Are you walking a little farther?Are you lifting a little heavier?Are you doing an extra rep?Are you doing anything?If not.Why not?Up until my 30s, I only played golf in scrambles, charity events, and bachelor parties.Yeah, it was fun.BUT, working to get better makes golf 1000X more fun.And fulfilling.And inspiring.That is why we’re all here, right?Now, let’s get to it!STAY STRONG,
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