The “Big 3”

Happy Tuesday morning, my fellow golf nut (some may even say we’re “nut jobs”).First, THANK YOU for being an amazing human who simply wants to be better. And trusting us to bring you useful information via this daily-ish email.Second, let’s throw some gasoline on this fire by getting an understanding of exactly what you need.In the world of golf fitness, there are A LOT of tools we can use. But generally speaking, it boils down to the Big 3:StrengthMobilitySpeedOf course, you can go super-deep in each category. We try to keep things as simple as possible so there are no barriers to your progress.So, let’s keep this just as simple…I’m polling the Crew with just one question: “Of the Big 3, which is most important?”Please Click Here to take the 3-second survey.
Once you click, you’ll be taken to the simplest form the world has ever seen:
And I will share the results with everyone later this week.I’m 99% sure which will win, but let’s see if the Crew surprises us.Thank you for helping us make 18STRONG better!Your #1 Fan,
Jeff PelizzaroPS – Here’s the link in the event you have to copy and paste: