The “DIRTY 36” January Challenge

First, Happy New Year!

I won’t give you some cheeseball, rah-rah message because god knows your inbox is already stuffed with those messages.

Instead, I’ll give you something practical, and dare I say…awesome.

In 2024, we’re going to do a Monthly Challenge (we’ll come up with a cool name:)

For the month of January, we’re calling it, drum roll please…

“DIRTY 36”

Here’s a quick video on Instagram with the details.

Basically, you’re going to do 6 rounds of the 6 exercises (6 X 6=36 sets) we’ve chosen.

And you’re going to do it for time.

So, keep your form and tempo high-quality.

One more thing: be sure to post your workout time in the Instagram comments.

That’ll promote some positive trash talking and keep us all competitive.

Alright, let’s get to it!


PS – This is not meant to replace your current workout.

It’s just a fun thing for our bada$$ community to do together.

You can use it to jumpstart your workouts. Supplement them. Or, just get off the couch and moving.

And it’s free!

So, go check out the challenge here.