The NEW math for distance

Yup, Hyper-Elastic Distance officially opened the doors Friday.

And yup, our Crew is jumping on board fast and furious because they’re ready to finally out-drive the rest of the chumps in their group.

But, that’s not the point of today’s email.

Today is changing the math of how we achieve distance.

Since the inception of golf fitness, we’ve focused on two things:

  1. Strengthening muscles
  2. Increasing speed

It looks like this:

Strength + Speed = DISTANCE

And golfers have been knocking the dimples off the ball ever since.

BUT, as with all technology, there’s been a breakthrough.

Not a BS fad. Or any of that nonsense.

Here’s what happened…

It started when ultrasound technology jumped forward.

That allowed us to get a clearer look at the inside of our bodies….

Including our fascia (fa-shuh, short “a” sound like “apple”).

That’s the same elastic system that kangaroos and cheetahs use to do crazy athletic things.

The system stores and releases energy.

Kinda like a rubber band.

Here’s the thing: because we are now able to see and getter better understanding of our fascia, we’ve discovered that we can train it be more dynamic and explosive.

As we get older, our rubber band gets tight, brittle and dry-rotted…

But now we can dip it in magic oil and reclaim our stretchy rubber band to store more energy. And, in turn, release more energy.

Instead of the equation above, now the distance math looks like this:

Strength + Speed + Elasticity = MORE DISTANCE

And THAT is what Hyper-Elastic Distance teaches you to harness.

Right now, the sky’s the limit, my fellow golf nut.

You don’t need to complicate this.

Add hyper-elastic training.

Got it? Good.

I’ll see you inside Hyper-Elastic Distance.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Hyper-Elastic Distance is open and ready to rock your world. The full training is ready and you’ll get instant access.

Just wait until you see some of the movements. It’s seriously like nothing you’ve ever done. Jump in and let’s do this together.