The Over-Complication Trap

Welcome to the weekend, my fellow the-Ryder-Cup-is-still-two-weeks-away? golf degenerate.

Today, let’s wrap up our series about the sneaky, yet super-common things that derail our fitness.

So far, we’ve discussed:

1) The Comparison Pitfall
2) All-or-Nothing Thinking
3) ???

Drum roll please (for this sly SOB)…

The Over-Complication Trap

Yup, you know the one. It’s the same one that puts an overly-detailed meal plan in front of our faces that nobody outside of the documentary Pumping Iron could possibly stick with.

Sidebar: If you haven’t watched Arnold on Netflix, I highly recommend it. It’s kinda like Forest Gump in that you can’t believe one guy lived through all those crazy things.

Now, Arnold was a professional bodybuilder, so he was constantly working on his final 1% to get a slight edge on the stage. He needed to drill down to the minor details in his line of work to be successful.

For the rest of us mortals…complex workout routines, fancy fitness gear and detailed nutrition are unnecessary.

Instead, what has always worked for me is to start with the basics. And KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Overcomplicating things leads to overwhelm and frustration as we constantly search for the next shiny program that is the “secret” we’ve been waiting for.

Regular movement, plenty of sleep and clean eating 80-90% of the time are gonna keep us going for years to come.

Now, as we progress, we can add in some fancy stuff b/c it can be fun, but it’s certainly not mandatory.

We have a new, portable cable machine at the gym that anybody with $750 could put on their garage wall. I don’t have to use it, but you bet you’re a$$ I’ve been using it – because it’s new and cool. And kinda fancy:)

For us, it’s about progress, not perfection.

Small steps lead to big changes over time.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – “Small steps lead to big changes over time” is the hardest thing in the world to “sell” to people. It’s one of those things that once you buy into it and live the results, you’ll kick yourself, “What have I been doing this entire time. I’m an idiot.”

I have said some version of that statement more times than I care to count.

Today, my goal is to write down the small steps I can take with 18STRONG. And to commit to doing them religiously for the next 6 months.

I highly encourage to pick 1-2 small physical steps you can commit to doing. Walk for 15 mins every day, do the 5-7 Daily Motion routine in the 18STRONG Membership, swing from both sides for 10 minutes every day, etc.

Start by committing to a week. Then another. And another.

We’ve got this!