The power of mobility to eliminate pain

“Yeah, I just assume I’m going to have both my knees replaced in the next few years.”

“Have you lost your friggin’ mind?”, I said.

Those words actually came out of a good buddy’s mouth over the weekend – he’s still in his mid 40s.

He’s been playing soccer his entire life.

He walks as much as he can when he golfs.

So, he’s got some tough miles on his body.

And he has some pain when he walks.

BUT, two knee replacements? Really!!?

And I understand where he’s coming from…

According to the National Institute of Health, in the United States alone, we do nearly 3 million join replacements each year – about 1% of the population.

As a physical therapist, that number sounds waaaaay too high (It’s supposed to grow to 10 million by 2030).

I was trained that surgery is an absolute last resort once we’ve exercised all other options – no pun intended.

And sometimes surgery is necessary. I get that.

But before we go under the knife, can we take a step back and tap into our body’s extreme resilience?
My buddy has never done anything to help his mobility.

Here’s what I’ve learned: joint loosening mobility exercises help our body rid itself of pain.

Of course, we’re chasing mobility to make our joints feel bulletproof, so our swing feels fluid. Free. Loose. And effortless.

But, I don’t want to understate how ridiculously effective a boost in mobility is to eliminate your daily aches and pains.

And it doesn’t take long.

Just doing mobility exercises starting today…next Tuesday you will notice a difference.

Then, you’ll be addicted to the feeling. And you’ll be off to the races.

And man does that make golf more enjoyable – not to mention walking up and down stairs:)

Less pain. More fun.

What else is there?

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – We created the 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility training to laser target those “replaceable” joints on our bodies to help feel fluid, loose and free each time we swing the club.

Which, of course, makes us much more consistent.

That was #1.

But #1A is definitely how mobility exercises help rid us our bodies of pain.

Not a bad BONUS.

You can check out the program here.