The WRONG scorecard?

Happy Monday, my fellow lean, mean golf machine!

My son starts his sophomore year today, and the little ones aren’t too far behind, so things are starting to get back to normal.

Speaking of normal…using the wrong scorecard is something I see way too often. And no, I’m not talking about the scorecard from the clubhouse.

I’m talking about playing life with the wrong scorecard.

We all do a “great” job of seeing what other people have, then convince ourselves that we need the same thing(s) to be happy…a perfect recipe for being unhappy today AND tomorrow.

How many times have you said some version of these:

“Just as soon as I ______, then…”

“If only I….”

“Once I get…”

If only we had 6-pack abs/more money/a bigger house…

…then we could finally be happy, won’t have any problems, and rainbows would shoot out of our a$$es.
When we start to use those phrases, we stop living in the present. And start living in the future – a future that may never happen.

This morning, a buddy sent me a screenshot of the most up-voted answer on Reddit to this question, “What’s the worst part about being overweight?”

The fact that you put your whole life on hold, telling yourself that you will resume living when you lose the weight. Then not being consistent with said weight loss journey and basically…never getting to truly live.

Heartbreaking. And I know the author of that comment is not alone. Heck, I’ve been there.

Just in this 18STRONG business, I’ve caught myself living perpetually in the future with the wrong scorecard. I worked too many hours until I reached XYZ goal, only to realize that was a future I didn’t even want!

Then, my cousin/co-founder Ryan got smart. We decided to stop thinking about what we wanted the future to look like. And instead worked on what we wanted today to look like.

Unsurprisingly, prioritizing a great day moving the needle a little bit, it’s made things better for our future days.

So, rather than putting everything on hold until:

  • You reach a certain weight
  • Shoot a certain score
  • See a certain number of zeroes in your bank account

Start playing with the right scorecard. Which means focusing on how we can have a good, productive day today.

I promise the results will come.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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