There’s no Y-O-U in pride

Good afternoon on this New Year’s Eve Eve.

Now, I’m no psychic, but I’m going to make a bold prediction you can take straight to Vegas.

If you have a few bucks left in your Draft Kings account, I would let it ride on…

Here goes:

Gyms will be packed all through January. But by mid-February? Crickets.


We’re all gonna be rich.

So, why is that so predictable year after year after year?

What I’ve noticed over the years with the golfers who first come to see me, it’s their foolish pride that gets in the way.

Stick with me.

Sounds crazy, but too many sacrifice their health and happiness for their families and their careers. It’s noble to want to be the leader, but if you’re not around, then what’s the point?

We tell ourselves some version of this:

“Once I get promoted to XYZ job, I’ll finally be happy”

“Once my kids turn [pick an age], I’ll have more time”

I’ve done it.

You know…you set out to achieve a goal and actually achieve it.

Yet in that moment, you don’t feel the accomplishment you thought you’d feel when you set it.

And on the other side of that goal, there’s just simply more work.

You’re chasing a moving target.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you hit that target, it will always move.

And because your happiness relies on chasing this target, you’re chasing something that you’ll never be able to catch.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.
They sacrifice EVERYTHING and go all-in on “The American Dream” – a dream that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

Chasing targets, hitting targets, yet never really feeling satisfied.


Because you forgot the singular most important thing…YOU.

When you sacrifice yourself to pursue “success” instead of recognizing that success is all about building yourself along the way,

You feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with life – even when you hit targets.

So, how do you step out of the trap?

It’s simple.

See yourself as your #1 investment.

Stop being a slave to goal-setting.

Build your body and strengthen your mind one day at a time.

Forget about what everybody else is doing. And stop living in the future.

Focus on what you can control right now, one day at a time. Live the process instead of goal-chasing,

It doesn’t matter how chaotic the situation.



You’re prepared and armed to tackle any situation that comes your way.

If you’re ready to build yourself by seeing yourself as the #1 investment and the #1 asset – then check out The 40-Day Forge to kickstart your 2023.

Remember, when YOU get better, everything gets better.

Your family.

Your career.

Your relationships.

When you lead by example, others will follow.

But it starts with a simple decision today, and that decision is to commit.

Because it’s easier to tell others what you’re going to do instead of showing them the results you have.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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As always, if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s as simple as hitting REPLY.