This client thinks we “Suck” three times

It’s Tuesday afternoon and, much to my surprise, we suck. 

Below is a scathing email we got from a new golfer to the Membership App where the author uses a capitalized “Suck” to really drive home the points: 

Well, moderately sucky interface for setting the days. 

The Activate workout is a 7-day plan with planned rest days, so preselecting the rest days doesn’t align with workout planned rest days, you just get even more rest days. (Suck 1) 

But the info about selecting a starting day was good.  

Now for the eight weeks, I just want to swap the strength workout on Tuesdays with the mobility workout on Wednesdays. It appears I get to do that for each week instead of as part of overall the planning (Suck 2) 

For each week, I have to pick a date to move the workout to, which forces me to look at a calendar to get it right, instead of a simpler input, like “Move it one day earlier” or “one day later” (Suck 3) 

$20 apps should be better! 

Now, that’s a satisfied customer. 

I’m not gonna waste your time and go through and reply to the “Sucks” line-by-line, other than to say, the programs are laid in a very specific order for a reason.  

We’re pretty darn lucky that our Crew is super-cool, so we get very little bit**ing and moaning, but sometimes we do take it personally. 

This one we did not. 

And here’s the reason: 

The biggest thing holding any of us back is US. 

We are masters at creating excuses. And I’m just as guilty. 

Lemme ask you this… 

Does the person who sent that email above sound like they’re fully committed to changing their life and getting fit? 

I’ll be the first person to admit the app is not perfect. I haven’t seen a perfect anything in the world (maybe Ben Hogan’s swing). 

The app is an excuse. 

Time is an excuse. 

“I’m too far gone” is an excuse. 

What’s my point? 

To paraphrase Nike, “Just f-ing do it!” 

Stop chasing the “perfect” situation, program, time to get started, etc. 

Make the decision to make a change, then change. 

You’ve got this. And you’re not alone. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’d like to give the 18STRONG Membership App a try for free for the next 7 days, you can CLICK HERE

Just be warned, you can certainly move workouts forward if you happen to miss a day or two, but you can’t mix and match them like a super-sized meal at McDonald’s. 

Here’s the link: