Unilateral Exercises – Don’t Cheat Your Weak Side

Unilateral Exercises sounds like a fancy term, but it simply means to focus training one leg or one arm at a time.

In the video below, Jeff is going to show us why it’s so important for golfers to train one side at a time.

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Everyone is naturally imbalanced because we all have a dominant leg, hand or arm. The problem is that during combined exercises our dominant side will bear an unequal amount of the load.

For example, if you’re curling with a barbell, your dominant side may be doing 60% of the work to get it up, so your weak side is getting less stress.

Now, when you do dumbbell curls, your weak side is left all alone to fend for itself and is forced to bear 100% of the stress.

Golf is a constant shift from side to side, so it’s very important that you are balanced from the time you load up all the way through your finish. Otherwise, you’re sacrificing a ton of body control, which means bad things on the course.

In the video, Jeff will take you through two simple, lower-body exercises that can drastically improve:

1. Your balance
2. Your strength
3. Your body’s control of the stress of moving side to side

Golf is a constant balancing act and these simple exercises are a great way to harness control and use it to your advantage.

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