[Video] Scottie Scheffler explains golf fitness in 16 seconds

I’m a big fan of Tom Kim, but man is it fun to watch Scottie Scheffler win another one – yup, that’s #6 on year! So, not so coincidentally on Friday, our co-founder Ryan sent me this quick YouTube short of Scottie talking to the crowd about why amateur golfers struggle with their swing:
“…most amateur golfers that struggle with their swing…it’s not because they lack coordination…it’s because their bodies physically can’t move the way you’re supposed to to hit a golf ball.” Scottie bringing the heat! I have said it a million times, but couldn’t say it any better than that. So, the next time you’re struggling to get in your workout or “not feeling it”, remember those wise words above from the best golfer in the world. What you do in the gym directly translates to how you play on the course. STAY STRONG, Jeff PS – If you’re ready to your body physically moving the way you’re supposed to, then we’d love to see you in the 18STRONG Membership