Welcome back: here’s a bunch of free shtuff!

If you’ve been waiting for a kick in the pants to get in shape, well, here it is.

And since you’ve been gone, we’ve turned it up to eleven. Here are 4 FREE resources to help you get started with whatever you current goal is:

Mobility? Get your hands on our Daily Motion EFD (Every Flippin’ Day) to help you start feeling loose and free, in just 5-7 minutes per day. Check it out.

Distance? Start out-driving the other golfers in your group with our How To Add 17 Yards In 17 Minutes guide. Check it out.

Nutrition? Here is 18STRONG Diet Stack to give you the lifestyle roadmap for fixing your relationship with food you can follow forever. Check it out.

Injury-Prevention? Avoid the 5 fatal mistakes that are destroying your swing in gym with The Ultimate Golf Workout Safety Guide. Check it out.

Now, my advice is to start with just one, and move on from there. Too many changes, too fast = recipe for failure.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro